I’m a nerd.  If I were on The Big Bang Theory…I’d probably be Howard…but taller…and married.  (I know what you’re thinking.  You wouldn’t be Sheldon.  You’re not that cool.  At best, you might be that guy that works at the comic shop, or the dude that speaks with a lisp–not that I have anything against people with speech impediments.)

When I was 10, I learned to program in BASIC on the Apple 2e.  That same year, my parents bought me my first computer–a Texas Instruments 99/4A–and my love of tech began.  In high school, I did everything I could to avoid being a nerd.  Big mistake.  When I got into college I realized my inner-nerd was going to be more of an asset than my inner-Chet.  (The older brother played by Bill Paxton in Weird Science.  One of my friends from high school once compared me to that character.  No, it wasn’t meant to be a compliment, but it was said in jest.  Or gest.  Or however you spell it.)

I met my wife at a skeezy night club in Riverside in ’97, I started working professionally as a programmer (I prefer to think of myself as a code assassin) in ’98, we got married in ’04, and she gave birth to our first child in ’09.  I’ve been working in county government–first as a programmer, then a project leader and lead developer–since 2000.  Working in government gives you a whole new appreciation as to why government moves so slowly.

I love my family (including my dog), my friends, my job, cars, and tech.  I’m likely to blog about anything.  If you don’t like it, change the channel.


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